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Property Manager

My story

As a homeowner myself, I understand the need to keep the house clean and neat while secretly wishing that nothing in the house would ever get worn out. On top all of these wishes, homeowners would also pray that the tenant can be the most responsible person in the world who would continue the lease for years ahead. That would be a perfect world for the homeowner, but that is not always the case. At least, not for me. Even with the nicest tenant and the newly built house, there would always be things that demands our attention because the world simply isn't perfect. I understand the desire and the frustration that comes along because I have managed my family's property for several years, and I had been a tenant myself for a few years. Thus, I understand both sides' stories. On the other hand, serving people and solving problems have always been my passion. Property management requires both the ability to coordinate among different parties and the desire to honor the requests of people. Yet, even when honoring different requests of people, one must know the priorities. I have the required skill sets and the experience needed to make the right decision in an efficient way. 

Background, Skills & Experience

I once had an experience where a new client, who is a homeowner, requested me to take over a near-ending lease because the tenant has damaged the house severely. The paint was all green and red while the curtains were all taken down. Trash and worn out furnitures were left behind by the tenants. The new client requested our team to recover the house as soon as possible, and to help the owner recruit a more responsible tenant. In about 10 days, my team and I have coordinated different parties of people to clean, paint and repair the house while demanding the tenant to pay for the loss. We did it. We found a much more responsible, long-term tenant in this now beyond satisfactory house. Now, the homeowner lives a worry-free life because we got it covered!

How I operate

To serve people with sincerity and to solve problem efficiency have always been my style of work. 

My Business Philosophy

Integrity, integrity, integrity. 

In My Spare Time

I love hanging out with friends and their kids. Traveling and food hunting have always been my passion

Kitty Yang: Agents
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